Miranda has been an editor and designer since 1994, and she has also written a few short stories. The following list is not complete!

Author Credits

The following short stories were published by Wizards of the Coast:

“No Strings Attached” with Margaret Weis in Dragons of Time
“Tree of Life” in Heroes and Fools: Tales of the Fifth Age
“Hanna’s Tale” in Rath and Storm
“Wyrm’s Claw Inn” in Search for Power: The Dragons from the War of Souls

The following short story was published by Malhavoc Press:

“Clash of Duty” in Children of the Rune

Miranda has an essay in the following collection published by Kobold Press:

Kobold Guide to Combat

Design Credits

AD&D/SAGA: The Sylvan Veil [Dragonlance]
SAGA: Citadel of Light [Dragonlance] (Contributor)
Collection of Curiosities Blog Posts
With My Last Scream
Editorial Credits

Monte Cook Games

The Strange Roleplaying Game

Open Design/Kobold Press

Divine Favor: The Cleric
Kobold Guide to Board Game Design
PaizoCon 2011 Coverage

Schwalb Entertainment, LLC

Shadow of the Demon Lord

Super Genius Games

Codex Draconis: Green Menace of the Woodlands

TSR, Inc.

AD&D: Domains of Dread
AD&D: Eye of Doom
AD&D: Eye of Pain
AD&D: Eye to Eye
AD&D: Night Below (Proofreading)
AD&D: Player’s Option: Spells & Magic
AD&D: The Silver Key

Wizards of the Coast Books

Fifth Edition Player’s Handbook (Dungeons & Dragons)
4E Dragon Magazine Annual
4E Dungeon Magazine Annual
4E Dungeon Master’s Guide 2
4E Monster Manual 3
4E Monster Vault
4E Player’s Handbook 3
4E Psionic Power
4E Tomb of Horrors
4E Underdark
3E Dungeon Master’s Guide (Other Contributors)
3E Fiend Folio
3E Forge of Fury
3E Monster Manual (Other Contributors)
3E Player’s Handbook (Other Contributors)
3E Sunless Citadel
AD&D/SAGA: Chaos Spawn [Dragonlance]
AD&D: Diablo II: The Awakening
AD&D: Die Vecna Die
AD&D: Dragonlance Classics 15th Anniversary Edition
AD&D: The Illithiad (Proofreading)
AD&D/SAGA: Rise of the Titans [Dragonlance]
AD&D/SAGA: Seeds of Chaos [Dragonlance]
AD&D: TSR Jam 1999
SAGA: The Bestiary
SAGA: Palanthas
SAGA: A SAGA Companion
SAGA: Wings of Fury
More Leaves from the Inn of the Last Home

Wizards of the Coast Articles

Miranda served as a Managing Editor at Wizards of the Coast before joining Steve Jackson Games. During that time, she assisted with the fifth edition of D&D, plus led the team of offsite editors working on articles for Dungeon and Dragon magazines. The following articles are among many that she edited or helped manage through production.

“Strange Constellations: Class Acts – Warlock”
“Born from Shadow”
“Masks of Living Flesh”
“Off with Her Brideshead”
“They Creep”